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Terry Duffy has a reputation  for unique and challenging work. In the 1970s he worked with Joseph  Beuys, John Cage and later Roy Adzak in Paris. His work was then  concerned with Live Art and he exhibited at the ICA and Air Galleries  in London and Stuttgart West Germany.  In 1975 and 76 he was selected  for the then radical New Contemporaries in London, from there he  exhibited at the ICA, Air and Acme London and in West Germany. His  work experimented with line, form and space and the then avant garde  issues concerning Live Art and perceptions of the gallery space. In  the 80's he returned to painting and produced the 'Victim Series'  including Victim no resurrection which was exhibited in Harlem USA and  in 2008 was exhibited in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral and Chichester  Cathedral. This led to major Arts Council awards and international  media coverage including BBC World News. The 90's saw further success  and recognition with the British Council Fellowship in Budapest and  other major shows including The John Moores and the Hunting/Observer  Prize.  Since the 90's he has had solo shows nationally and  internationally including Paris, Berlin, New York. In 2008 he had a  solo show called Standing Stones at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.  The most recent project, MONUMENTS was launched during the Liverpool  Biennial and European City of Capital of Culture in 2008 and at 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009.


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