My newest painting/project has been inspired by the demonstrative progress of ‘Victim, no resurrection’  ( ), (VNR). VNR was painted by me in the 1980’s and in recent years has evolved into an artwork that by the invitation of key people, has been the used as a catalyst to encourage discussion, debate and open dialogue across cultures and issues of conflict. It has been installed in important locations to achieve greater dialogue and conflict resolution within highly sensitive areas of historic and present conflict. VNR by representing the victims of conflict on all sides creates the opportunity for culturally sensitive connections, opening doors to key people, groups, communities and organisation that are often unreachable, isolated and suspicious because of the conflict they endure. Each connection has proven to be interested in discussing conflict from their view point as a means of understanding and reconciling historic and/or present day divisions and becoming involved in related programmes of lectures, workshops, seminars that bring together diverse opinions. To-date the issues addressed have included Anti-Semitism, Apartheid, Religion, Human Rights, Politics and more.


The VNR research has inspired the opportunity for this new artwork/’s. It will focus upon global conflict, its complexity and diversity investigating political, economic, religious and cultural doctrines and leadership past and present. My knowledge and understanding when I created VNR was achieved by investigating the context that fascinated me at that time, ie, community/inner city break down, post industrialisation, unemployment, poverty and loss of hope. However, whilst this knowledge is relevant and transferable to the new artwork, I want to broaden this out into a global context specifically within the areas of political, religious and cultural diversity and the creation and use of art within it.

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