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During July and August 2019 this site is being updated.

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BADA site closed – New site due August 2019

Due to some recent changes the BADA website and archive are closed and will be relaunched in August 2019

BADA Video Archive is now Live!

The British Art and Design Association Video Archive is now live :

You can also keep up to date with BADAs Video Archive on YouTube :

This project was started to restore and archive old footage, from VHS, DVD and older formats, so that they can be catalogued and will not remain lost. We have already had submissions from a handful of artists, however we are looking for more submissions. If you have anby footage you wish to be considered for acceptance into the BADA Video Archive, got to and fill in the contact form, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


 An atrocity. In the attack at Garissa, Kenya on Thursday,  the Al-Shabaab militant group killed 147 people, mostly students.

And on Tuesday night, Kenyans remembered them as innocent victims of a terrorist attack that stunned a nation and left communities heartbroken.

And in this conflict, we see innocent victims of terrorism and hatred, and I aim to bring attention to the plight of victims everywhere in search of greater peace, reconciliation and Human Rights and to inspire and provoke a new politically and culturally aware generation extremely cognisant of global conflict and its victims. This is and always has been the aim of ‘Victim, no Resurrection?’


Get Involved

Social Media plays a crucial role in “Purveyors of Truth and Lies.” It allows for a wider conversation with a broader international culture, and gives a voice to a larger, more diverse subsection of the global community.

As such, I wish to hear the opinions of people from all walks of life, from any country or background, on who they deem to be the “Purveyors of Truth and Lies.” And I want to start a conversation on each of these diverse opinions.

So, this is my invitation, I want to hear from you, and display a blog post authored by you on this site. I want to hear answers to the question:

Who do you believe are the purveyors of truth and lies?

Leave your comments here or on facebook if you wish to be a Guest Blogger on