Twittering lives?


We live in a strange world full of contradictions and hypocrisy. We seem so ready to condemn those in the public eye: Cardinals, Politicians, Footballers and more without due consideration to proof. It seems accusation is enough to condemn someone.

Do we just like to see the mighty fall, it makes us feel better in our insignificant Twittering lives?

Are we all part of the Blind leading the Blind until proven guilty?

Neo Nazis


The Neo Nazis rally in Dresden Germany was a chilling reminder of right wing extremism.  Democracy does allow for all views and it is easy to treat these people as idiots and misguided fools. The truth is they are dangerous and a salient, disturbing reminder of historic extremist outcomes: The Holocaust.

On the same day, a ‘Human Chain’ was created, in which many thousands of people held hands around the city as a powerful symbol in opposition to the Neo Nazis rally.

However, I ask the question:  Does good only exists because of evil?

New site?

Greasie LOVE.

This is a very new site, launched only a few days ago. It adapts to any format mobile, tablet, laptop, etc, try it!

We would be pleased to hear your comments about the site, what would you like to see?