‘Purveyors of Truth and Lies’ – A Visual Identity

The visual outcome of ‘Purveyors of Truth and Lies’ has to be inclusive offering, allowing, encouraging diverse opinions and contributions. As a result it will act as a catalyst to ask difficult questions of those involved in conflict who and/or what should be in the narrative and how they/it should be portrayed in that the representation of people, object and subjects across cultures can vary to extremes. Quite clearly from the recent Charlie Hebdo murders and other high profile issues of censorship, ie, the use of the “n” word; denial of the Holocaust; non-portrayal of child abuse victims and so on we are all cognoscente of personal and editorial censorship and how words and images can be seen through different cultures. As a result the artwork, its process and methods has to create hospitable common ground for dialogue across divides. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be challenging. Methods such as public exhibition of the work as it develops, open public discussions and debates are necessary as are one to one meetings with key people. However, the use of social networking will be crucial to involve a wider international culture.

The artwork however isn’t or will not be an amalgam of other peoples opinions, it will be the outcome of my research, greater understanding and knowledge of the subject and methods. It will attempt to throw light upon the complexity of conflict today, make sense of it for broader public consumption and as a catalyst for future cross cultural dialogue and conflict resolution.