‘Purveyors of Truth and Lies’

How is it possible to create an artwork that has the potential to inspire debate and influence global conflict within diverse cultural opinions. An artwork that confronts, challenges and contributes to our understanding of present day global conflict and conflict resolution.


I am a fine artist that creates artworks within the context of global conflict. The very nature of conflict today comes from extreme divisions, historical mistrust and the democracy of diverse opinion through the internet as well as poverty, suppression and millions of refugees from new war torn areas. We are now seeing the rise again of the right wing nationalism, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and more.  Art can’t cure conflict, feed empty stomachs but it does have the proven potential to create hospitable open forums in which diverse opinions can be catered for. Therefore, this project will encourage and involve people across cultural divides creating opportunities for open dialogue and contribution. It will be a creative process of experiment, investigation, documentation, dialogue, questioning, challenging, developing and evolving a narrative within a global context entitled: “Purveyors of Truth and Lies?”. It will look at historic and present day power, control, leadership and the ideology, dogma, marketing, manipulation and rhetoric that represents it. It will attempt to realise, rationalise and put forward what are perceived across diverse cultures as fundamental truths, lies and grey areas and ask if there are any common grounds, potential areas of agreement for acceptable dialogue across diverse cultures. At its centre will evolve a formal artwork or artworks surrounded by a diverse accumulation of related multimedia noise, ideas, beliefs, promotions, ideologies identified by key people in politics, religion and culture as well as people generally across diverse communities.


The initial fundamental question asked of all contributors is: “Who do they believe are the purveyors of truth and lies and how should they be represented within this artwork”? As issues arise in the news relating to local, national and international issues the project will try to be there responding, highlighting through social media and encouraging a response.