UK General Election – The Blind Leading the Blind?

As the election campaign draws into its final hours, Party leaders are trying desperately to make a last bid to break the deadlock at the polls.

But no matter what each individual party promises, or what values they claim to uphold, can politicians be trusted?

There is widespread distrust of politicians by the UK public, and for good reason. Does this make them purveyors of lies?

Or is this tarring them all with the same brush, do you believe that some politicians or political parties in fact are purveyors of the truth.

Looking at the most recent polls, it is unlikely that after tomorrows vote the UK will have a majority government, but instead more likely will have a Labour or Conservative minority government, dependent on the Lib Dems, or perhaps more worryingly the SNP on the one hand or UKIP and the DUP on the other.

But does any of this matter? Who is truelly leading who? And to what purpose?